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Life story
June 12, 2008
Born on June 11, 2008.
January 1, 2018
Blondie Sue,or better known as Soupy Sue was born June 11,2008. When i went to look for a partner after my wife had passed away. I seen her my heart just melted. It was love at first sight. I knew i had to take her home,and give her the loving forever home she so desperately deserved. She came out of the most horrible of conditions as i found out later where she came from was a puppy mill. What a joy she was from the day i brought her home. So full of life and love. In the winter,and in the middle of the night i stayed right by her side as she gave birth to two beautiful babies. Two girls,which were named Reese and Marigold. One of the girls looked just like her Mom,the other one more short and stocky, but absolutely beautiful. What a awesome Mother she was too,so loving and nurchering. She taught them so many things,as no doubt they both did her as well. In May,2017 Blondie was diagnosed with congestive heart failure,as well as a enlarged heart. When i was able to view the pictures that was taken of her heart,i thought how in the world does such a tiny girl hold a heart that large. She was placed on heart meds,as well as a dieretic to help keep the fluid off of her heart and lungs. Blondie started declining after that. It was so sad,and hurtful to watch her get better,than relapse. And on August 11,2018 at 4:30 in the morning we finally lost the battle,and Blondie Sue. I will forever miss and love her as she holds a special place in my heart. I do know that i will see her again one day when i too will cross over and i know she will be waiting there at the Gates Of Heaven to greet me. However until that day comes i want her to run free. I love and miss you so very,very much Blondie Sue. 
June 12, 2018
Passed away on June 12, 2018.