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Our precious Blondie Sue your paw will be wrapped around our hearts forever. And even though you're gone in body,your spirit will live on forever, as we carry you with us daily. Love,love,love,you,but miss you even that much more....Billie Jo

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Blondie Sue born on June 12, 2008 and passed away on June 11, 2018. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.You will forever be missed, and live on in our hearts. You left more than paw prints on our hearts. You was always such a loving caring girl,and you have two beautiful baby girls that proceed you. I have absolutely no doubt that they will continue to live out a legacy you are going to look down from Heaven and be proud of. Am so hurt because you had to go through what you did,and it was not fair. Your heart was so big that your chest could barely contain it. All that love to give just to be called back Home to the Father. However,He does say that you are only lent to us for a little while. That does not,however ease the pain. There will be a constant void without you my sweet angel girl. And you will live on in the hearts of all those whose lives you touched. 
                                                                         "Missing You"

                                                                  My dearest Blondie
                                                                    I miss you so,
                                                                 Remembering  back when
                                                                    You was a puppy,how fast
                                                                        You did grow.
                                                                Seems like only yesterday
                                                                     You was just a little tike,
                                                                 When i put you to bed
                                                                      And kissed you goodnight.
                                                                  Then you became
                                                                      This awesome Mother,
                                                                   Who loved her babies
                                                                       Like no other.
                                                                   What a playful girl
                                                                       You was,
                                                                    So full of energy
                                                                        So full of love.
                                                                    We had our share
                                                                        Of up's and down's,
                                                                    Some constituted a smile
                                                                         And some a frown.
                                                                     I never seen coming
                                                                        What happened to you,
                                                                     It left me feeling
                                                                         Both sad and blue.
                                                                     Then you crossed
                                                                         Rainbow Bridge
                                                                     I knew there you could
                                                                        Enjoy life and truly live.
                                                                     Brand new body
                                                                         No more sickness for you,
                                                                     Lot's of memories to share
                                                                          Of the things we used to do.
                                                                     I will always carry you
                                                                           Deep in my heart,
                                                                     There you will live
                                                                           So we'll never be apart.

         Written by Billie Jo (Sissy)
               August 04,2018 
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Billie Jo (Sissy)
Blondie Sue and her Daughter Marigold 
Billie Jo (Sissy)
Blondie Sue and her Precious Daughter Reese Dec, 2015
Billie Jo (Sissy)
Billie Jo (Sissy)
Was going through my camera ppictures and came across this picture of you. This is one of the summer outfits that i had gotten for you. And at first you gave me a fit putting it on,but once it was on you seemed to like it quite a bit. I love and miss you terribly ♥♥♥
Billie Jo
This is the beautiful card the vet sent to your Dad 
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